Nineteen 19 (1990)

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Nineteen 19 (1990)

Nineteen 19 (1990) 123Movies While in junior high, Kubota, had a major crush on Masana but she was dating Kazuya. Now in his senior year of high school, Kubota, still has a crush on Masana even though he hasn't seen her in years. A chance encounter leads to an interesting situation. It seems Masana has broken up with Kazuya and is ready for a new relationship. Or is she? Will Kubota be so blinded by his feelings that he fails to see what is really happening? Will he even care?! After all he could very easily lose his virginity by pretending that he doesn't. Adapted from the Nineteen manga.

Release: Jul 27, 1990

Duration: 42m

Quality: HD

Genres: Animation, Romance, Drama